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A Property
An actor, e.g. in TV, radio, movie, video games etc., or in an event. Actors can be associated with individual items or with a series, episode, clip.

Values expected to be one of these types

Used on these types




Example 1
Example notes or example HTML without markup.
A JSON example of a PerformanceRole, in which
the Role represents the acting contribution made by
Bill Murray in the film Ghostbusters. The Role entity
allows us to additional information, such as the
character's name that he played in the film.
Example encoded as Microdata embedded in HTML.
<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <span itemprop="name">Ghostbusters</span>
  <link itemprop="sameAs" href=""/>
  <div itemprop="actor" itemscope
    <div itemprop="actor" itemscope
      <span itemprop="name">Bill Murray</span>
    <span itemprop="characterName">Dr. Peter Venkman</span>
Example encoded as RDFa embedded in HTML.
<div vocab="" typeof="Movie">
  <span property="name">Ghostbusters</span>
  <link property="sameAs" href=""/>
  <div property="actor" typeof="PerformanceRole">
    <div property="actor" typeof="Person">
      <span property="name">Bill Murray</span>
    <span property="characterName">Dr. Peter Venkman</span>
Example encoded as JSON-LD in a HTML script tag.
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Movie",
  "name": "Ghostbusters",
  "sameAs": "",
  "actor": {
    "@type": "PerformanceRole",
    "actor": {
      "@type": "Person",
      "name": "Bill Murray"
    "characterName": "Dr. Peter Venkman"
Structured representation of the JSON-LD example.